it's all mnemosynes fault








non-correctum est impactum

agri sub sole veriscam




the other:

can absolutly not exist for everything is subject to the absolute laws of nature, if we would be able to know all
circomstances we could calculate every thing going to happen, ever. Our ratio, however is not
capeble of doing this, but our so called 'unconscious self' is capeble of having this memory of
the big everything (from the time we traveled at the firnament and could see it all, like Plato said)


will absolutely always exist for it is in our genes adapting very quickly to new circumstances it
keeps us alive, well,.. as 'us' in a quitte small group, it confuses our
thinking by not exepting death and other so called 'hard' aspects of nature, so that we can develope ouself
beyond the absurd knowledge of good and bad; and makes us feel things like hope.



well, as we condensated out of the same 'everything' we have some memory (see coincedence) of some parts from which some
of 'the other' is made of but as we condensated into something different we can never ever know the other only
recognize, it is now our memory that is confusing us, is it really not possible to feel what 'the other' feels?
(the amount of genes that makes us other than other species is however quit small!)






het voert buiten het kader van deze
zijde om een verantwoording te
geven van wat er desalniettemin
als een richtinggevende gedachte
voortdurend in aanwezig is:
die van een gegeven, in
sommige opzichten ook gewenste,
in andere problematiesche
hetrogeniteit van denk-,
handelings- en levensvormen

daarom gaat dit indirect over
een vorm van subjectiviteit
die bemiddeld wordt door de ver-

het tijd-verdeelsysteem kleeft op dit moment echter